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Suntes Nega clapmers

Spring force clamps the discs. Electromagnetic or hydraulics force releases the disc. The clampers are principally used for winding machines. The Nega Clamper can be used in hazardous conditions as in an emergency. Rail clampers hold the rails securely and prevent mobile cranes on tracks moving in high winds. 

suntes nega clampers
Electromagnetic clampers  Spring force clamps the discs and electromagnetic force release the disc. This electromagnetic clamper especially designed for clamping is also used for emergency situations. Various sizes are available for elevator stop positioning. The benefits and usage of this device are numerous.

Hydraulic nega clampers Spring force clamps and hydraulic force release it. This hydraulic camper is a disc brake type and is designed for clamping.The clamper can accommodate positional clamping such as a port facility or in sever conditions as in steel manufacturing machines.

Rail clampers Two types are available; rail clamper type in which the spring force clamps both sides of the rail and hydraulics releases it, and the rail brake type that hydraulics releases the clamp pressing the wheel tread. For safety in a stormy wind, the Rail Clamper is used to clamp mechanical handling equipments such as a massive port crane on a track.