Centrifugal clutches

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Suntes Centrifugal clutches

Centrifugal clutches transmit power by centrifugal and friction force on a rotating disc. Starting efficiency of the drive unit such as an engine has been reduced and improved as the shaft system is protected when it is overloaded. Combined, integrated gear clutch in a centrifugal clutch is called a centrifugal gear clutch. Engines can be operated independently without starting a pump or by switching a lever to operate engine.

Basic type centrifugal clutch has improved the startup efficiency of start motors. It protects the shaft system when it is overloaded. Suitable for drain pumps, fire extinguisher pumps, compressors for refrigerated vehicles and hydraulic pumps used in construction equipment driven by engines.

suntes centrigugal clutches

Combined, integrated gear clutch and lock type centrifugal clutch with its independent engine operation are highly esteemed in drain pump locations run by local governments.