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Company name Teral Inc.
Head Office 230 Moriwake, Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima 720-0003, Japan
Founded August 1918
Established 14th April 1950
President Hirofumi Sugata
Capital 78,000,000 yen
Products and Services Sales and production of pumps, air blowers, water supply equipment,total heat exchangers, filtration equipment, kitchen garbage disposal systems, and other related devices Construction of environmental facilities
Main Factory 230 Moriwake, Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima 720-0003, Japan
Ekiya Factory 375 Kamiyamamori, Ekiya-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima 720-1142 Japan
Taku Factory 3898 Nagao, Minamitaku-cho, Taku City, Saga 846-0023 Japan
Kurita-Kitamoto Factory 2-101 Arai, Kitamoto-City, Saitama 364-0026 Japan
Thai Factory 150 Moo 16 Udomsorayuth Rd., T.Bangkrasan A.Bangpa-in Ayutthaya 13160 Thailand
Teral General Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. No.285, Yuan Qu Road(N), Bei Qiao,Min Hang District,Shanghai 201109, China
Branch Offices Tokyo offices, Osaka offices, 9 branches, 42 sales offices
Employees 731, All groups 1150

1918 Our founder, Gisaburo Sugata, established Sugahei Shokai machinery department in Kasaoka-machi, Fukuyama City. Began manufacturing and selling pumps, and selling industrial machines both domestically and overseas. photo

1938 Moved the factory to a larger site in Okinogami-cho (current Konan-cho), Fukuyama City. photo

1955 Changed the company name to Kyokuto Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Began manufacturing air blowers in addition to pumps under Kyokuto brand. photo

1958 Designated as a streamlined model factory by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

1965 Entered into a technology partnership with Franklin Inc. (U.S.A.). photo

1966 Entered into a technology partnership with Deming Inc. (U.S.A.).

1967 Moved the head office and main factory to Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City. Completed a modern factory that showcased industry-leading scale and latest facilities. photo

1971 Began developing and selling total heat exchangers in addition to pumps and air blowers.

1974 Developed fire pump units that set a precedent for "unitization," the mainstream of today's market. photo

1975 Developed the industry's first water supply unit.

1976 Established Kyokuto Services Co., Ltd. (current Teral Technoservice Inc.).

1981 Entered into a business partnership with Flygt Inc. (Sweden). photo

1985 Addressed "Improving Water Quality Through Destratification" with Shiga Prefecture's Lake Biwa Research Institute.

1986 Released the "ARLS Series," which caused a revolution in pump materials. photo

1987 Completed the General Research Institute. Released the total heat exchanger "Econo S."

1988 Completed our Saitama factory. Began supporting the Kansai Hydrosphere Environment Interest Research Organization.
Changed the company name to Teral Kyokuto Inc.

1989 Won the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award.

1990 Established Teral Chemical Inc. (current manufacturing department).

Organized an overseas trip for employees to celebrate surpassing ¥20 billion in annual sales. photo

1991 Established Teral Thai Co., Ltd.

1993 Established Teral Denso Co., Ltd. (current manufacturing department). Held Living Environment Forum '93 nationwide.

1994 Established Teral Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. (current Teral Technoservice Inc.).

1995 Completed Teral Thai Co., Ltd.'s new factory in Ayutthaya. Established Teral(H.K.) Ltd.

1997 Bought property and building in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (Teral Koraku Building/Tokyo office). photo

1998 Achieved 7 million hours of accident-free production.
Teral Services and Teral Environmental Systems merged to form Teral Technoservice Inc.
Received ISO9001 certification. photo

1999 Teral Denso Co., Ltd. (current manufacturing department) received ISO9001 certification.

2000 Teral Chemical Inc. (current manufacturing department) received ISO9001 certification.

2002 Established Teral General Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2003 All the shares of Taku Electric Corp. (current Teral Taku Co., Ltd.) were transferred from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

2004 Formed a capital alliance with Kurita Electric Works, Ltd. (current Teral Kurita Co., Ltd.).

2005 Disposer business was transferred from Sekisui Aqua Systems Co., Ltd.

2006 Completed Teral General Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.'s new factory.
Completed the Ekiya factory exclusively for large-sized fans.

2008 Pump business was transferred from Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
Changed the company name to Teral Inc. photo
Received ISO14001 certification. photo

2009 Established Anhui Taiwei Electric Machine Co., Ltd. (T&W), a new joint venture company in China.

2010 Coolant pump and ring blower business was transferred from Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

2011 Established Teral Asia Limited. photo

2012 Established Teral Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

2013 The shares of Taniyama Co., Ltd. were transferred from Taikisha Ltd. to the Teral group.