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San-ei Air Winch

San-ei long term experiences and excellent techniques gave a birth to epoch-making Air Winches.
Versatile San-Ei's Models have been widely used in metal mining, construction, shipbuilding,
heavy machinery manufacturing, chemicals and other industries.
Easy operation [ Control Lever only ] and Safe mechanism [ Brake ] are designed.
Compact light weight can be moved quickly from one location to another.
Dusty environment is acceptable for use.
No sparks are generated.
No damage with overheat occurs even for overload.
Contiuous operation at full capacity is available.
Drum diamter is large enough to prolong life of rope.

This is the multi-purpose air winch and it is attached standard radial piston type air motor, and control valve.The handling of this winch can be easily and safety.We delivered to various fields as Civil and building construction, Shipyard, Off-shore usage and others.

POPPET/SPOOL VALVE is used for the control valve to eliminate air leakage.
Reverse revolution is available. VALVE HANDLE operation allows free handling of the load,
as air flows into the control valve.
Strong RADIAL PISTON AIR MOTR is built in.
OIL DISC in the SEALED CRANK CASE contains oil bath lubricates all sliding parts.
BALL/ROLLER BEARINGS minimize friction loss.
Set-up reduction ratio works on rope pull and rope speed.
CLAW CLUTCH mechanism allows safe,accurate handling in locked ON/OFF positions.
BAND BRAKE manual or automatic.
SEALED BALL BEARINGS completely prevent oil leakage from the casings.

AH- 1C 2 kN
W- 05 -03  5 kN
W- 10 -220 10 kN
W- 20 -220 20 kN
W- 30 -36 30 kN
W- 50 -36 50 kN