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Asynchronous vectorial servomotors MA series

Magnetic S.R.L. produces a wide range of electrical motors, designed to offer the best high technological solutions for the variable speed electronic drives field and for industrial automation.
Production range includes d.c. and a.c. motors, for both positioning systems and generic power applications, with a wide selection of sizes and options.

The sales network covers over 20 countries worldwide with qualified distributors.

Asynchronous vectorial servomotors MA series
These asynchronous motors have been specially engineered to achieve dimensions of dc motors of similar power and to be suitable for high performance, flux vector type controllers in variable speed applications. The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design permits operation in constant power mode at maximum speeds of up to 8000 RPM. The…

Asynchronous vectorial servomotors MA 71 - 80 - 90 series

Wound field d.c. motors MM/MAG series
Consolidated Magnetic design, appreciated for quality and robustness of the solutions, MM/MAG Series presents d.c. current, square laminated stator motor, characterized by a high power/size ratio. Proposed with F over temperature class, they are produced with over temperature class H on almost all materials, to guarantee reliability and long…

HTQ series torque motors
MAGNETIC torque motors HTQ series are permanent magnets synchronous motors designed for industrial machines integration. They have been specially engineered to achieve the higher and higher performances required in the automation field by a high torque capability at low speed and by the elimination of the traditional components of the kinematic…

Brushless servomotors NGB - TOP series
The brushless servomotors with permanent magnets NGB and TOP series are designed to meet the more and demanding needs of industrial automation with very higt-performances and reliable systems requiring little maintenance. The NGB permanet magnet servomotors are new genaration of brushless servomotors replacing the BLQ series.

Brushless servomotors BLQ series
Brushless servomotors BLQ-TOP series are NeFeB permanent magnet a.c. synchronous motors, with sinusoidal back emf, mainly suitable for positioning applications. Catalogue offers different nominal speed windings, with both 205Vrms and 345Vrms voltage versions, available options are: forced cooling on some sizes, single or multi turn encoders,…

DDM series servosystems
New digital converters with full-digital control. > AC Input: 3x200 ÷ 460 Vac > DC Input: 280 V ÷ 750 V > Output frequency 0-1.100 Hz > Speed loop bandwidth 150 Hz (delay 45°) > Current loop bandwidth up to 1.500 Hz > 3 fast inputs with sampling time 150 MHz > Safe Torque Off (STO) (option) >…

Asynchronous Motors with servo-ventilation and encoder ASM series
STANDARD VERSION 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles Protection degree: IP55 B3 or B35 frame   Aluminium frame 230/400Vac 50/60Hz power supply KLIXON thermocontact   Cast iron frame 400/690Vac 50/60Hz power supply tropicalized PTC thermistor OPTIONS Protection degree: IP55-66-56 Other…

Tachogenerators and centrifugal relays
Designed thanks to Magnetic experience in the d.c. motor field, tachogenerators are speed transducers with 4 poles excitation and ALNICO permanent magnets. Available with 3 kind of standard windings of 20, 40 or 60V referred to 1000 rpm, tachogenerators are supplied with electro graphite or carbon silver brushes, depending on applications.