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Jost Vibrating motor

Jost JVM vibrating motor

JÖST GmbH + Co. KG designs and manufactures equipment and drives and develops system solutions for the processing of bulk materials.

Our products are characterized by high quality, innovation, and advanced technology.

The individual needs of our clients are our priority. The strategic location of our subsidiaries and partner companies ensures that we are always close to our customers - both in Germany and abroad.

Our products are typically used in the following industry sectors
Foundry and Steel industry
Chemical, Food and Plastics industry
Mining, building materials industry
Thermal processing of bulk material
Recycling industry
We stand out because of our
Hígh quality
Sophisticated technology
Custom-made solutions


The modern 3-piece construction
The modern aluminium housing and 3-piece design ensures a low weight and high thermal conductivity for great efficiency and clearly defined, direct power transmission.

Practice has testified to our technical concept – across the globe, even under the most diffi-cult operating conditions.

Technical parameters

2-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole Execution
Connection 230V/400V 50Hz;  460V 60Hz
deviating voltages up to 690 V
Working moment up to 3300 kgcm (102 kN)
Infinite oscillation amplitudes
Suitable for S1 continuous operation at 100% centrifugal force
Tropical protection from JV 08
Protection system IP 66 as per EN 60529 (JV072 IP44)
Winding Iso F, VDE 0530
Ambient temperature -20...+40°C
Explosion proof models acc. to ATEX II 3DG, ATEX II 2 DG and cCSAus (UL)

JV in detail

Unbalance motors are electro-mechanical drive units which generate circular oscillations. In contrast, linear oscillations are produced by operating two motors work-ing in opposite directions.

Infinite oscillation amplitudes
With the motors off, the oscillation amplitude can be set for all JVM unbalance motors by adjusting the centrifu-gal weights. The oscillation frequency can also be ad-justed during operation via the optional frequency con-verter.

Operational reliability
Proven engineering from 70 years of experience and purposeful development of our technology guarantee the operational reliability that you expect. Further atten-tion to practical design details such as non-twisting cen-trifugal weights and large, legible scales make the JVM drives the market preference

Ready for connection and easy to install
JVM unbalance motors are supplied ready for connec-tion and operation. Their space-saving geometry, easily accessible foot fastenings and transport eyes make them easy to install. JVM unbalance motors can be op-erated in every position and size 10 and up are equipped with a re-lubrication feature in the standard version.

The modern aluminium housing and 3-piece design ensures a low weight and high thermal conductivity for great efficiency and clearly defined, direct power transmission. Practice has testified to our technical concept – across the globe, even under the most diffi-cult operating conditions.

Conservatively sized, quality components and optimised electrical performance guarantee long service lives and fast motor run-up times – this way you conserve your vibration equipment.

Every JVM unbalance motor undergoes stringent me-chanical and electrical quality controls, whereby all windings are tested. All motors are rated for S1 con-tinuous operation – even when the feed rate is set to 100%.

Special models
Whether you need divided hoods in protection system IP65, high/low temperature models, standstill heating or other special fittings – we offer many options and can offer more information upon request.

Details on frequency converters, D.C. injection braking devices and monitoring systems can be found in our separate information notices.

JV,JVA, JVC,JVE:JV072-1, JV082-4, JV102-14, JV132-25, JV132-40, JV172-60, JV084-12, JV084-20, JV104-50, JV134-66, JV134-90, JV154-130, JV154-190, JV174-200, JV204-300, JV244-400, JV274-550, JV274-750, JV314-1000, JV106-50, JV106-100, JV136-180, JV156-250, JV156-330, JV176-450, JV176-550, JV206-570, JV206-700, JV206-850, JV246-950, JV246-1100, JV246-1161, JV276-1150, JV276-1300, JV276-1399, JV276-1400, JV276-1750, JV276-2050, JV316-2200, JV316-2720, JV158-410, JV178-675, JV208-855, JV208-1050, JV208-1250, JV248-1541, JV248-1800, JV278-2100, JV278-2625, JV318-3300。

JVA 072-1, JVA 072-1, JVA 082-2.8, JVA 082-4, JVA 084-12, JVA 084-14, JVA 084-20, JVA 084-8.5, JVA 102-10, JVA 102-14, JVA 104-35, JVA 104-50, JVA 106-100, JVA 106-70, JVA 132-18, JVA 132-25, JVA 132-28, JVA 132-40, JVA 134-46, JVA 134-63, JVA 134-66, JVA 134-90, JVA 136-125, JVA 136-180, JVA 154-130, JVA 154-130, JVA 154-190, JVA 154-90, JVA 156-175, JVA 156-230, JVA 156-250, JVA 156-330, JVA 158-285, JVA 158-410, JVA 172-42, JVA 172-60, JVA 174-140, JVA 174-200, JVA 176-310, JVA 176-380, JVA 176-450, JVA 176-550, JVA 178-450, JVA 178-675, JVA 204-210, JVA 204-300, JVA 206-400, JVA 206-490, JVA 206-570, JVA 206-570, JVA 206-700, JVA 206-850, JVA 208-1050, JVA 208-1250, JVA 208-570, JVA 208-700, JVA 208-855, JVA 208-855, JVA 244-280, JVA 244-400, JVA 246-1100, JVA 246-660, JVA 246-780, JVA 246-801, JVA 246-950, JVA 248-1065, JVA 248-1200, JVA 248-1540, JVA 248-1800, JVA 274-380, JVA 274-550, JVA 274-550, JVA 274-750, JVA 276-1150, JVA 276-1200, JVA 276-1300, JVA 276-1399, JVA 276-1400, JVA 276-1400, JVA 276-1750, JVA 276-2050, JVA 276-800, JVA 276-900, JVA 276-979, JVA 276-980, JVA 278-1400, JVA 278-1750, JVA 278-2100, JVA 278-2625, JVA 314-1000, JVA 314-700, JVA 316-1530, JVA 316-1900, JVA 316-2200, JVA 316-2720, JVA 318-2200, JVA 318-3300, JVA 106-35, JVA 106-50, JVA 246-1161

JVC 082-2.8, JVC 084-14, JVC 084-8.5, JVC 102-10, JVC 104-35, JVC 106-70, JVC 132-18, JVC 132-28, JVC 134-46, JVC 134-63, JVC 136-125, JVC 154-130, JVC 154-90, JVC 156-175, JVC 156-230, JVC 174-140, JVC 176-310, JVC 176-380, JVC 204-210, JVC 206-400, JVC 206-490, JVC 206-570, JVC 246-660, JVC 246-780, JVC 246-801, JVC 276-1200, JVC 276-1400, JVC 276-980, JVC 072-1, JVC 106-35, JVC 158-285, JVC 172-42, JVC 178-450, JVC 208-570, JVC 208-700, JVC 208-855, JVC 244-280, JVC 248-1065, JVC 248-1200, JVC 274-380, JVC 274-550, JVC 276-800, JVC 276-900, JVC 276-979, JVC 278-1400, JVC 278-1750, JVC 314-700, JVC 316-1530, JVC 316-1900, JVC 318-2200

JKA 072-1, JKA 072-1, JKA 082-2.8, JKA 082-4, JKA 084-12, JKA 084-14, JKA 084-20, JKA 084-8.5, JKA 102-10, JKA 102-14, JKA 104-35, JKA 104-50, JKA 134-46, JKA 134-63, JKA 134-66, JKA 134-90, JKA 156-230, JKA 156-330

Tried-and-tested, reliable engineering together with ro-bust, practice-oriented designs provide high operational reliability, even under the most difficult conditions.

Technical parameters

Oscillating Frequencies 25/50 Hz resp. 30/60 Hz
230/400V 50Hz or 440/460V 60Hz
via thyristor controller
Effective weight up to 1300 kg
Switch-on time 100% (operating mode S1)
Protection system IP 65 acc. to EN 60 529
Explosion proof models; ATEX II 3 DG, cCSAus
We would also be happy to provide you with further details or inform you about special models built to your specifications.

MS in detail

The electromagnetic vibrators generate linear oscilla-tions and are operated at oscillation frequencies of 50 and 25 Hz or at 60 and 30 Hz.

Conveying, dosing, drawing off
MS drive units are used in a variety of industries for medium duty dosing, draw-off and conveying applications. The drive units are also suitable for clock cycle operation because the maximum oscillation amplitude is reached as soon as it is started and it comes to a stop immediately after being switched off.

Infinite control
The oscillation amplitude can be infinitely controlled during the operation of all JVM electromagnetic vibra-tors. Therefore the feed rate can be easily adjusted to the current requirements.We have summarised information on the required thyristor controller at Electrical components Adapted model series MS drive units are available in seven sizes, and also in models for higher effective weights at lower oscillation amplitudes (MS 30...80). This broad range enables the optimum drive to be selected for the particular applica-tion requirements.

The use of high quality components means that JVM electromagnetic vibrators are maintenance-free and particularly easy to install. Special lifting eyes make transport easy, eliminating the need to remove the hoods.

Operational reliability
Tried-and-tested, reliable engineering together with ro-bust, practice-oriented designs provide high operational reliability, even under the most difficult conditions in central lines. All MS electromagnetic vibrators are EMV-compatible.

In order to allow the oscillation frequency to be altered in retrospect, the drives have been designed in such a way that they are interchangeable within a construction size in the oscillation frequencies.

MS3-50, MS4-50, MS5-50, MS6-50, MS7-50, MS8-50, MS10-50, MS30-50, MS40-50, MS50-50, MS60-50, MS70-50, MS80-50, MS3-25, MS4-25, MS5-25, MS6-25, MS8-25, MS10-25, MS3-60, MS4-60, MS5-60, MS6-60, MS7-60, MS8-60, MS30-60, MS40-60, MS50-60, MS60-60, MS3-30, MS4-30, MS5-30, MS6-30, MS8-30。

JR 206, JR 208, JR 406, JR 408, JR 606, JR 608, JR 806, JR 808, JR 1008

DOSING DRIVES:JD 20-50, JD 20-60, JD 20G-50, JD 20G-60, JD 30-50, JD 30-60, JD 30G-50, JD 30G-60, JD 40-50, JD 40-60, JD 40G-50, JD 40G-60, JD 50-50, JD 50-60, JD 50G-50, JD 50G-60, JDA 20-50, JDA 20-60, JDA 20G-50, JDA 20G-60, JDA 30-50, JDA 30-60, JDA 30G-50, JDA 30G-60, JDA 40-50, JDA 40-60, JDA 40G-50, JDA 40G-60, JDA 50-50, JDA 50-60, JDA 50G-50, JDA 50G-60

SHAFT DRIVERS:JW 312, JW 315, JW 318,JW 322,JW 326,JW 330,JW 334,JW 336

CIRCULAR EXCITER CELLS:WE 1500-1000, WE 1500-1200, WE 1500-1500, WE 1500-600, WE 3000-1000, WE 3000-600, WE 3000-750

MS8-50HZ 380V-440V 50HZ IP65 0170370  NO.0450734 S1VDE0580
JV 276-2050 380-440V 50HZ IP65 6.0KW
JV 246-1100 380-440V 50HZ IP66 3.0KW
PUFFER GH 240*70*250 C1020,0 N/M
MS8-50HZ 380V/23A 0166713SMS
FMF 320/370-170*1500
SUZ1200/-X2500 equipment no:98.70635
production no:0048412 material:1.4301 dimension:SPI2480 FL1190
production no:0050321 material:1.4301 SPI2200 FL1190
JB16/400 E000 16AMP
JB16/400 E00016AMP  380-430V/50-60HZ
:SUZ1200*2500-700Z-3428  SUZ-BYT-01/17
2400MM 2995MM 9KW  1800T/H
MS8-50HZ 380V/23A 0166713SMS :49007111 08 01 01&
JD5 114839 160VAC 50HZ NR.9861258
JT14-400 E000-50K60
FUF 2650mm/-300mm/3000 (/)2000t/h(normal) 2200t/h(max)
JT14/400 E000-50K60  380-400V/50HZ  NO:0495063
JT14/400E000-50K60  380-400V/50HZ  S/N:0495063
FUF1800-MAX.2500t/h S/N:0970111-0970112
JT14/4000 E000-50K  80
JOST JT14/400 E000-50K 80 380~400V 50HZ 14A
JCE-246-100  3.00KW  380V
FRF2200-300X3700 380V 50HZ :2500-3125T/h
JV276-1750 50HZ 380V/12.5A 6KW IP66
MA220-0102592 400V/50HZ  S/N.9551287
JV104-50   0.4KW   400V
(coil SPUJD40-50HZ 156V)for JD50-50HZ use  Spare parts for dosing drive JD50-50HZ
JD50S-50HZ 20.9KG 174V 2.0A IP65 50°C
JT14-400 E000-50K 60
JI14/400 E000-50 K60 380/400V 50HZ 14A NO.0891720
FMF 600/650-170*1500-MS6
MS6-50HZ 380V/9.5A 0166203
FMF 600/650-170*1500-MS6
FMF 1200/1250-150*1500-MS8
KLK 1050N 45KN H52 D1050
FUF1200/1400*250*4300() :-10°720/ :2000-3000kg/m3 :0-200mm (1.4×4.2 :25mm) :8mm  :S235 JRG2 JV286-1750 (2PCS)
MS70-50HZ 380-440V
JD50-50HZ 155V
JV104-50 0.4KW 400V
JM8-50/60HZ 0244848 AC380V 23A 50HZ S/N:1150476
GP 100*120*55
600-4400 50HZ
GH 240*70*220
LK 130.0/12. S 700
CK35 E35.0*30
BESTELL-NR:01070922*16A/500VAC F4026
JV208-1250 2.5KW 400V 50HZ IP66 M-Nr:0411618 T-Nr:0176450 BJ.2004
NETZFILTZER (Mains Filter for JT-Control System) 2×16A/500VAC 50-60HZ F4026
FMF320/370-170×1500-V-MS6-N3 S/N:AN00846-61
MS8-50HZ 400V 50Hz
JF4.1/400 E500-50 B124
TYPE SUZ 1200X2500 Drawing Number 0183527-7/ 0183529-7 Drawing Number 0183527-7/ 0183529-7 Part Number    01 29292
TYPE SUZ 1400X2500Equipment Tag No.: 2-S-2501 Machine#: 0570235 Material: GU 250 W Dimension: 945 X 3
Typ:JB 10/400 E000 Ibr:max.36 Un:380-430V,50/60Hz,IP21 In:10A
MS4-50HZ  380-440V
MS7-50HZ 380V S/N:0050626
MS6-50HZ 380V S/N:0050425
JVE134-90 0.8KW 1430RPM/MIN deIIT4 IP55 1.62A
2*16A/500VAC F4026  BESTELL-NR:0107092
FRF 2100/-300*2770  2160t/h 18KW 400V 50HZ IP55
KEC 380/16.3 380V50HZ16A
KEC 380/16.3 380V50HZ16A; JT14/400E000-50K60
TK5/230 E000-50K60
J114/400 E000-50K60
BESTELL-NR:0107092 2*16A/500VAC F4026
TK5/230 E000-50K60:1191152
JT14/400 E000-50K60 :1191152
TK5/230 E000-50K60 :1191152
J114/400 E000-50K60 :1191152
: :Y-7021 : :SUZ1600*2500-1101 1590*2650,2
: :Y-7021 : :SUZ1600*2500-1100 1590*2650,9.0
JR408 380V 50HZ
: :F1901: :SUI1600-2500
: :Y-7021 : :SUZ1600*2500-1101
: :Y-7021 : :SUZ1600*2500-1100
:F1901 :SUI1600*2500 SUZ1590*2650 2.0  O.NO:04-00636-G  S.NO:55Z-00684 T.NO:B015965  D.NO: IDWG NO:AE-PS03ER  #01
240X70X250 (01 01536) C1020
JV206-700 380-440Volt

SPI 2650 FL 1590
SPI 2800 FL 1590
JT14/400 E000-50K60 380V 50HZ
TYPE:FUF1200/1400*250*5000() :600/ 2.2t/㎡ (1.2×4.2 :25mm) :8mm  :S235 JRG2 JV286-1750 (2PCS)
JV134-63 60HZ 460V
FMF 320/370-170×1500-V-MS6-N3 IDENT-NR.:AN00846-61 :068280000M19-01000007(:FMF 320/370-170×1300-6-V)
:FMF0971054/55/56/57   :GF100*55C 4000N/MM
:FMF0770204  :GF70*55C 4000N/MM
NK-SCHW GH240×70×250
JR818 830/MIN S/N:1020149
JT45/400 E000-50K10
JT26/400 E000-50K10
FRF2200-300*3000 : :2.0-3.0t/m3 :3600t/h
JR608 AM 5700-9100 50HZ S/N:0920214-0920215 
JR406 S/N:01 64028 :SRE1830×4880;8.6mm
JR408 :SRE3050×4880;11.5mm,Q=589.59t/h,(4.8m)×(3.05m),a= 5°,840 /,6mm
JVE246-1100 380V 3KW 975rpm
26A : 400 V 50 Hz
ID-Nr.01 14855
ID-Nr.00 95703
ID-Nr.01 01536
JV154-130 1.2KW 380-440V
GH 240*70*250 C 1020.0N/M  NO:01 01536
JV246-1100   3.00KW  NO:00 95703 380-440V/50HZ   IP66   F
JV276-2050   6.00KW NO:01 14855  380-440V/50HZ  IP65  F
JV 27-0 ID.No. 0046552
Bearingset for JV 276/278 ID.No.0270012
:SRE3050×4880;11.5mm,Q=589.59t/h,(4.8m)×(3.05m),a= 5°,840 /,6mm
JT 14/400 E000-50K60 14A
JT14/400E000-50K60   400V/50HZ
JT26/400E000-50K60  400V/50HZ
JR608 S/N:0920214+0920215
JR408 :SRE3050×4880
JV276-2050 6KW 400V 11A 975r/min
0078988 I-TEIL EMS8 L175 240×40
0055299 MAGNET EMS8-50HZ 380-440V
KEC 380/16.3 380V50HZ16A
MS8-50 AC380V 23A  50HZ
M30*200 GB/T 5782-2000 8.8-A2E
LW 2000
50*31*10 EN 12329-FE/ZN12/C
M30 GB/T 6184-2000 8-A2E
M16 GB/T 6184-2000 8-A2E
GB/T70.3-20 M16*80 8.8-A2E
JV276-1750,:JV286-1750 6KW 380-440V 50HZ S/N:0515867
JV276-2050,JV286-2050 50HZ 380V-440V 6KW
SUZ1600X2500 Maschine-Nr:0570246
LAGERSCHILD JV 27-0 BEARB for JV276-2050 6KW 380V 50HZ 975r/min
JV276/278 LAGERSATZ  ZYL.ROL.LAG NJ 2318 bearing set for JV276-2050 6KW 380V 50HZ 975r/min  comprising of : 2 Roller bearings(Typ: NJ2318 E...C4) / 2 Sealing rings inner / 2 Sealing rings outer /
bitte fuer die Pos.20 und 30 1xSatz komplette Schrauben und Mutter gratis mitausliefern (telefonisch mit Herrn Schoelling besprochen).
JT14-400 E000-50K60
JV 174-200 ID No. 0159847
MS 5 50424 5.2A 50HZ 380-440V

JR608 AM 5700-9100 50HZ 1 FLANGE S/N:0920214+0920215  ,unit include protective cover 1 set
JR406 AM 1600-4400 50HZ 1 FLANSCH (8*D13) S/N:01 64028 ; unit include protective cover 1 set
JR408 AM 3900-6700 50HZ 1 FLANSCH S/N:1120224 ;unit include protective cover 1 set
MS6-50HZ 0166203 IP65 380-480V 9.5A 50HZ
MS8-50HZ 0170370 S/N:0450069
THY. STEUERUNG JT 14/400E000 ID.Nr.0108264
FMF400/450-170×1300 1MS6
KLK 1050N 45KN H52 D1050
KLK 950L 30KN H45 D950
MS6-50HZ 380V 0050425
0071732 BOLT HEX-BOLT M30*180(DIN931)
0091464 WASHER WASHER 30*300 HV(DIN 125)
0102699 NUT HEX NUT M30 *ALL STEEL-LOCK NUT.WN 1516-002
0071718 BOLT HEX-BOLT M24*150(DIN 931)
0089125 WASHER WASHER 24*300 HV(DIN 125)
C100×55 0072172
JV 154-130-50HZ 1.2KW 2.2A
NK-SCHW 240X70X250 (01 01536)
JT26/400 E000- 50K60 Un:380V -400V 50HZ IP00 In 26A NR.0890315
MS8-50HZ 380-440V  S/N:0166713
A400 25T
TYPE:JV 206-700
JV286-1400 380-440V 50HZ
JV274-550 415V
JV276-2050  P1 6KW M-NO 09L4787  T-NO 0096654  380-440V 12.5-11.0A 50HZ 975r/min
UB:18-28 VDC +UB:gn IO:20mA N.C.:ge/ye Sig2:ws/wt Gnd:br/bn S/N:A70819
JV276-2050 6KW 380V 50HZ 975r/min
JV084-12 380V 50HZ
TYPE:JB4/400.E100 RANGE:40A
JV208-1250 2.5KW 400V
JV174-200() 1.6W 380V 50HZ 1450R/min
MS8-50 AC380V 23A 50HZ
BESTELL-NR:0107093 2*35/500VAC 50-60HZ F4027 ASSEMBLED IN ROMANIA 0214
VS2CMA26 0/400.2:JB 26/400 E 100 380-430V 50/60HZ
LK 130.0/12
GH 240X70X220
GP 100X120X55
JR 406 AM 600-4400 50HZ
TAS 3006.55Χ85(00 46775)
LK130.0/10 S700(01 72051)
LK130.0/12,S780(01 96786)
8-50HZ 380-440V  F
JB16/400 E000 380~430V 16A
JB16/400 E000 380-430V 16A
LK130.0/12.S700(01 96680)
JVE134-90  Y400V 50HZ F 0.8KW IP65 KL110;(JVE 134-11) ATEX II 2GD
DESTELL-NR: 0107093 2*35A/500VAC 50-60HZ F4027 (ASSEMBLED IN ROMANIA 0214)
FRF 2100/-300*2770 2160T/H 18KW 400V 50HZ IP55
FUF2650X3000 2000T/H
MSL1 230V 0.26A
JT14/400 E000-50K60 400V/50HZ
FUF2200/-300*2500 2160T/H 2*7KW 400V 50HZ IP66
JB 26/400 E 100  ID.Nr.0155405
MS8-50  AC380V 23A 50HZ
TU 276-2020 6KW Y360-440V 50HZ TNO:0096654
JV 286-1150
Solenoid for MS8-50 use MAGNET EMS8-50HZ 380-440V
JTD24EINBAU S/N:1A-11-28072
MS8-50HZ 380V/23A 0166713
JR206 S/N:1120124
JV 132-25
JV 286-1750 380-440V 50HZ S/N:0258409
JV286-1750 6KW 380-440V 50HZ NO:0258409
EV15090/4,:JVE154-130 1.2KW 380V 50HZ IP65 NO:824012
EV15090/4  NO:824012; TYPE:JVE154-130 Y 400V 50HZ 1.2KW IP65
BULLDOG PAR-0289590300
MSL-1 230V 50HZ IP40 S/N:0064956
ENDSHIELD LAGERSCHILD JV 27-0 BEARB JV (left&right both 2 pcs)  for JV276-2050 6KW
JV276-2050 50HZ 380V-440V 6KW 980r/min
JV276-2050 6KW 380-440V 50HZ 980r/min
JV206-700 P1=2.8KW 380V 50HZ
JV 288-1750 ID-No.0288738
JT26/400E000-50K60 No.:0490556
JT26/400-E000.50K60 380V 50HZ S/N:0490556
JV 286-1750 Id.No.0258409
:SUZ 1400×2500 4-S803 :0870515
JVA206-700 380V 50HZ
JV286-1150 4KW 380V
JV134-90 0.8KW 90KG CM M-NO.1212543
JVA208-1250 2.5KW 380V S/N:911699
JD 50,NO.1262401,155V
Type:JD50 No.1262401
JVA208-1250 2.5KW 380V S/N:0911699
MS80-50HZ 380-440V S/N:1050458
FUF1600/-300*250 SN:1070623
JV072-1 0.2KW 380V 50HZ
JV 176-550
JV 176-550
JV 208-855
JV286-2050 50HZ 380V-440V 6KW

JT 14/400 E 000 50 K 60(14A 400V 50HZ)
JV206-850 2.4KW×6P×3ф380V×50HZ F ,850KG ins.F Horizontal full closed 850KG
JV206-850 850kg 2.4kw
TYPE:JDA50-50HZ IP65 NO:1261644
JD-50 :155V 1.4 NO:1260886
JV072-1 M-NO:1116129 380 0.34
AC200V(3) 60HZ 6 .2500-3000N