M.A.T Malmedie coupling

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TTX26  standard sheet 709-03
AVXSE 0.88-MAT DWG NO:652830 SMS DWG NO:20515267 with 3 safety-elements SE20 and smooth brake-disc 915x20 shut-off torque Tab=7310-17700Nm  adjusted to Tab=10000Nm  total length of coupling=530mm 
gear side length of hub    150+25mm bore  95 mm H7   chamfer2x45    1 keyway  25 mm p9  depth of keyway 100.4+0.2 mm motor side length of hub 185 mm  bore 125 mm H7 chamfer 2x45 2 keyways 180 displace
Type:SE-E SIZE:10-3 Nr.:647966
STTXs 21  DWG NO:23171159