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Company Profile

Company trade name  IWAYA ELECTRIC MFG CO.,Ltd
location Nishio, Aichi Higashihazu cho Tonbiyama address 1 2
Capital 26,750 one thousand yen
Founding July 7, 1958
Correspondent financial institution Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nishio Branch
Officer Representative Director Hiro thickness Hayakawa
director Kasuya Noboru
Director Hayakawa EiSatoko
auditors Fukaya HiroshiHisashi
number of employees 70 people
Earnings 1.2 billion yen
Business line Household electric well pumps various
industrial electric pump various
electric pump various equipment
production sale

1958 And founded the Iwaya Electric Works Co., Ltd..
Jujiro Goto appointed representative director.
1,000,000 yen capital.
It took over the bankrupt Corporation Iwatani Works, household shallow wells Huka cascade pump at the center of the well pump, and started operation as an electric pump professional manufacturer, such as self-priming centrifugal pump.
1959 Hayakawa FujiHajime is appointed representative director.
1960 The capital increase in yen capital 8,000,000.
1963 The capital increase in yen capital 12,000,000.
1964 The capital increase in yen capital 18,000,000.
1972 Seiji Iwamoto is appointed representative director.
Started production of the circulation pump.
1974 Started production of stainless steel centrifugal pump.
1977 Started production of the seawater pump.
1978 The capital increase in yen capital 24,750,000.
Start an automatic water supply equipment VS type of production.
1981 Started production of household shallow To-yo compact pump.
1983 Setsuro Hayakawa appointed representative director.
1984 Started production of high-lift centrifugal pump.
1985 Production volume one million units achieved.
Seiji Iwamoto is appointed representative director.
1986 Moved new building completed, the main plant to the current location.
1987 Submersible pump VD type of sales, and start the production of new stainless steel centrifugal pump.
1988 It started production of compact pump for home deep well.
Approved the acquisition of the Japan Water Works Association specified inspection factory.
1993 Type approval the acquisition of Center for Better Living.
1994 Started production of stainless cascade pump.
1995 Started production of new gunmetal cascade pump.
1997 Type approval the acquisition of Japan Water Works Association Water direct booster pump.
It started selling water pump RS type.
1999 Start an automatic watering system NQ / GB type of production.
2000 Production volume two million units achieved.
2001 Thick Hiro Hayakawa appointed representative director.
2002 It merged with Fuji high Sangyo Co., Ltd.. Yen capital 26,750,000.
ISO9001: 2000 certification.
2005 It started selling water pump PS type.
2008 It started selling water pump PT type.
2010 Certification of ISO9001-2008. (Transitional review)
2013 And it started selling water pump PS-A type.

15CJT0202 20CJT0402 20CJT0752 25CJT0752 15CJT0202 20CJT0402 20CJT0752 25CJT0402 25CJT0752

15CKT0202 20CKT0402 20CKT0752 25CKT0402 25CKT0752 15CKT0202 20CKT0402 20CKT0752 25CKT0402 25CKT0752

15AJT0202 20AJT0402 25AJT0402 25AJT0752 15AJT0202 20AJT0402 20AJT0752 25AJT0402 25AJT0752

15AKT0202 20AKT0402 20AKT0752 25AKT0402 25AKT0752 15AKT0202 20AKT0402 20AKT0752 25AKT0402 25AKT0752

WPS-101 WPT-101 WPS-202 WPT-202 WPS-401 WP-101B WP-201C

WPS-141 WPT-141 WPS-242 WPT-242 WPS-441 WPT-441 WP-141B WP-241C

251ST502 252SS504 252ST504 401SS504 401ST508 402ST508 402ST515 501ST515 251SS602 252SS604 252ST604 401ST604 401ST608
402ST608 402ST608 402ST615 501ST615

251STX502 252STX504 401STX504 251STX602 252STX604 401STX604

25CT502 40CT504 40CT508 50CT515 65CT522 25CT602 40CT604 40CT608 50CT615 65CT622

32CTH508 40CTH515 32CTH608 40CTH615

40CLS502 40CLT502 40CLS504 40CLT504 40CLS602 40CLT602 40CLS604 40CLT604 40CLS606 40CLT606

20CJT0401E 20mm 550W 200V/50HZ S/N:2061878
251STX502  P/N:22
25AJT0401E NO:223879
25AKT0751E 0.75KW 2P 200V/50/60HZ S/N:2230492
25CT502 200V 50HZ
25CT502 380V 50HZ
25CT602  0.2KW 3PH200V/50/60HZ
4015T508 0.75KW
401ST504 400W S/N:2015536
401ST508 0.75KW 2P 380V/50HZ
401ST508 380V 2P 0.75KW
401ST508 380V 50HZ NO.2258555
401ST508 S/N:2051630
402ST515 2.24KW 380V
40CT608 0.75KW 3220V 60HZ
50CT515 415V/50/60HZ 1.5KW
50CT-515, 415V,3PHASE,1.5KW,180L/M
WP-201C 200V 50HZ
WPT-114 3PH 200V S/N:91-38718
WPT-131 200VAC 3PH
WPT141 3PH 200V 50HZ S/N:91-28512
WPT202 200W 2P 380V/50HZ
WPT202 380V 50HZ NO.2113075
WPT-205 S/N.1914760
WPT242 3 200V 50HZ
WPT-461 0.4KW 200V/50/60HZ
EA560-22-1,:11A,:MT622,NO: 2244267