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GMR2/GMRC-200 series is a high-resolution robust linear encoder
of which structure is simplified and can enjoy heat-resistant 120°C.
Succeeding to GMR sensor principle of operation, sleeve dia has
now widened Φ18mm and offering more robust structure.
Detecting absolute position of each sleeve pair within one pitch of
51.2mm and incremental position over one pitch by counting pitches.
GMR2 series are the semi-absolute linear encoder of 24 bits
integrated data of one pitch absolute and pitch count.
SC type has now been added making cable duct mount possible.

extremely high resistant to harsh circumstances due to no
electronic parts employed in the sensor
integrated into hydraulic cylinder and can be used for
equipment of such as steel-mill plant
no wear-out expected since no mechanical contact
between sensor-rod and sleeve
resolution 6.25μm of absolute output, in addition incremental
output is prepared.